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I loved it! You are a strong determined person. I look forward to seeing you again to talk about the story. My dad loved seeing you.

N & E Aronson

Dear BreezyWe look forward to reading your book. You have touched many lives with your cheerful kindliness. You are proof that one can transform an ordinary job into one of meaningful service, bringing that precious joy of human connection to those fortunate to know you.
We loved the book! Getting to know more about what’s behind that bright and friendly smile was a welcome opportunity.
At the risk of being trite…when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. And so many of us are lucky to enjoy that lemonade. Knowing Breezy…and, now, his story…is an inspiration.
He has made a job into a profession. And we are grateful for his service…and his genuine caring.

E & J Nondorf

Congratulations Breezy. Thank you so much. Congratulations to Breezy! He is so wonderful & positive. We love his book. Thank You. Loved “Thank You Very Much”

K. Hertel

Thank you for your smile and positivity over the years!

Rob and Mindy

Hi Bracey, I have so been looking forward to your book. It continues to be great to see you most weekends when we are in town. Congrats again on your book!

P & R Prommer

We can’t wait to read the book, and learn more about you, although we already know you are a wonderful person!

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