People who know me call me Breezy. My real name is Derrick. I work for the well-known Restaurant on the Northshore of Chicago, Illinois. I ‘ve worked there as a busser for over 38 years to date.

You maybe ask how did I get the name Breezy? Well, it was the owner who gave me that nickname. I was in my late 20’s when I migrated to the USA from Jamaica West Indies. It was during my initial training period that he observed that I was a hard worker, determined, caught onto the work fast and moved quickly. My co-workers would say that I fit the definition and description of the nickname given to me a long time ago. I really like the name Breezy. I am sure by now you can tell that. The name Breezy has been going strong ever since.

I work in Section # 1 of this beautiful stained glassed Restaurant. I take honor in arriving an hour early before the place opens. When it opens, I look forward to receiving, talking with and serving my regular special morning customers. I especially enjoy aiding and assisting those in need of assistance in walking to and from their cars to the establishment.

Being a busser doesn’t just involve giving people food, it requires going above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service. These are people’s lives we’re entrusted with, to not only feed, but to listen to and interact with. I like to provide a memorable experience to my many customers because this is who, “I AM“.

I have met enumerable customers, celebrities and a diverse number of people. Many have become like family to me over the years whom I hold very dear to my heart. I have gladly taken care of, served, and watched generations of families grow up to become Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurant Owners, Business Professionals and Parents. Many people have gladly returned with their families not only to dine but for me to meet their loved ones. I also miss many fond customers who have left this earthly plane over the years.

I have put together Breezy I Am because this is my way of connecting with, acknowledging and thanking my customers. I want to Thank You All for all the kindness you’ve extended to me and my family over the years. I Thank You for your contributions in various forms that have GREATLY HELPED my family and I. It has warmed my heart ALL of these years.

We have an incredibly special acknowledgement page set up on the website JUST FOR YOU. This is my way of showing my appreciation and gratitude to all of you wonderful people.

From the bottom of my heart and from my family to yours THANK YOU !



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