You Are Worth It

My book, Breezy I Am, has arrived To Order Book Now This book was a long time in the making. I wanted to share my life’s story in hopes that it will help to inspire and encourage someone else in life.

Life is not easy. We all go through so many things in life. Sometimes we go through things within our control and others times beyond it. The lessons we learn or experiences we face should give us insight, knowledge and strength. While we’re going through life we cannot see the bigger picture. It is only when we’ve come full circle that we can see it through a different set of lenses.

Just keep the faith in knowing that time makes things a little bit more bearable and heals all wounds. Never give up on yourself. Keep growing, challenging yourself, stretching into the new you. You have a purpose and meaning in life. The Father chose you to be here in times like this for a reason. Only you can find the things in your life, that bring you joy, purpose and meaning each day in waking up.


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2020 Vision

The whole world at this time has been thrown into mass chaos amidst the Pandemic but keep the faith in God. Try to keep a positive mental attitude, eat fresh food, fruits, vegetables, to nourish, replenish and heal the body. Take care of all the things that you have neglected in life during this time period. Take time to see the beauty in all the things around you and Thank God for what you have.

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